School was dismissed today at 12:00 because……….

It was blazing hot ! Apparently, I was not the only one who noticed. We are all praying for the monsoons to lift this oppressive heat and humidity. Actually, a district mandate was issued to close all schools for the week. ( there is no air conditioning) The early dismissal allowed time to give feedback to the teachers who I have been observing. Nita, school director, and I met today to create an official evaluation form. My role has been more administrative which has been a positive experience, but I can’t wait to get into the classroom tomorrow and model a lesson for the 5th and 6th grade. They want me to create an oral presentation based on questions they asked about my life in America.
Shifting from teacher to student:
The school has arranged classes for the interns, and of course I eagerly joined them in Hindi lessons, yoga, Indian history classes with Nita, and Indian classical dance. Nirman (the school) also sponsors performances/platforms for local artists, musicians and craftsmen. Last weekend a sitar player and classical singer entertained us- what an enchanting evening!
Education outside the school:
We went to Sarnath, the city where Buddha preached his first sermon. Temples, museums, and a giant Buddha were all part of the excursion.
Our night life consists of walks to the ghats (steps to the River) to observe the Hindu sunset rituals. Last week we saw a cremation ceremony- kinda creepy!
Next weekend we will take an overnight train to Lucknow, a former Persian city and now a city rich in Islamic culture and architecture. My ten day home stay begins when I return which may be the end of my internet connection?? Looking forward to home cooked Indian food and a chance to practice Hindi.
Love to all. Namaste

My neighborhood shopimage

Nirman class

Sitar Performance at Nirmanimage

The Ghats at nightimage

The only way to get around!image


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