The Monsoons Have Arrived!

The rains have brought cooler temperatures, but the trade off is sloshing through muddy water and dodging the piles of floating trash- The solution:  hire a RICKSHAW!
I’m now with my home stay family for a ten day experience . The first night I was horrified to find geckos plastered to the ceiling and big poisonous- looking  spiders peering down at me: I  guess this is what local life offers. On the other hand, my host family has been so gracious; I’m learning Hindi and eating traditional Indian food.
This week I traveled to the Village School, Betawar. What a contrast to the city school. We travel an hour by bus through the countryside, viewing lush farmland, village huts, women carrying all sorts of items on their heads, and stands filled with an abundance of colorful  fruits and vegetables. The school is more laid back, and a majority of the students are from agricultural families where education is not emphasized. However, math is a popular subject, and I found myself in the middle of a 9th grade algebra class trying to demonstrate math techniques – the students were teaching me while I was teaching the teacher-it was hilarious. Connecting to the local bird life, we made colorful  peacocks with our hands in the first grade class. I used  Hindi to emphasize the multi- colored feathers: “Add lal, nila, pilla, safed, and hara.” I’m not sure if they were laughing at my Southern accent or my Hindi!

Today Calcutta:

I heard Mother Theresa speak in Charleston, SC and will never forget her message of love and compassion. My next excursion is a four day trip to the place where this Saint gave hope to the poorest of the poor in their final days.   More on Calcutta…………..

First graders making peacock hands


Monsoon riders



Teaching at the Village School




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