Landing in Bangkok with a Splash!

IMG_1577I paid money for these piranha- like fish to nibble on my dead skin cells???  Once the shock factor passed, I was pleased with the results: baby-soft skin.

Summer 2013 Mission: Teaching in Thailand, the land of Wais and Wats

Mary, my sister, joined me this summer to teach in a Thai school. We will support students who want to learn English, and conduct teacher training classes for the Thai teachers. They are eager to learn effective teaching techniques for student engagement and academic success.

Chiang Mai

With a few free days before buckling down to our teaching schedule, we boarded a plane and flew north to Chiang Mai. This  ancient capital of the Lanna Empire was invaded by Burma; Burmese architecture, clothing and food is still visible today. In 1892, Siam (former name of central Thailand: e.g., The King and I ) annexed Lanna and the two regions became known as Thailand.


Riding elephants up a very steep jungle path; Wats in every corner (Buddhist temples); Tuk tuks ;and finally the shimmering, golden Doi Suthep temple perched on top of a mountain.


 Wat Prah Singh


Tuk Tuks: Thai transportation


The Lion Buddha

Doi Suthep

IMG_1714Lotus flower offering

Back to Bangkok : neighborhood market

Leaving you with a wai (Thai greeting) in front of my apartmentIMG_1838



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6 responses to “Landing in Bangkok with a Splash!

  1. What a great start to a wonderful seven week adventure! Can’t wait to read more 🙂

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