How can we stimulate the American economy ????


Thais shop all day, during the night, in malls, on the river….It’s all part of the social culture.

Consumer spending is elevated  in a country where malls are bigger than villages and markets can be found on every corner, offering a wide range of  goods from Buddha images to protective  amulets. Yes, we have 24 hours shops, but how about markets where you can roam the streets with your BBs (best buddies) and bargain the night away??? Obama was in Thailand recently, visiting my favorite Wat, Wat Po. Surely he will mention night markets to his economic advisors!

Even the rivers have floating markets: meals are cooked on long-boats and delivered to the customer via a little basket with an extended handle.

Amwapha Floating Market


Chatauchak or JJ market: the largest flea market in the world with 15,000 retailers and 27 acres of space. This is where bargaining is an art. As a farang (foreigner), I am a clear target, so I have learned to sharpen my negotiating skills: I go for at least half the asking price.



Chinatown markets: herbs galore



Asiatique: Night Market

a newly designed market, resembling ancient Thailand, located on the

Chao Praya River


High end markets: Valentino, Prada, Hermes..Shoppers Paradise!


After all this shopping, I had to buy a second suitcase,

but all my purchases were bargains!


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  1. Harriet Watkins

    I love reading your post…almost feel like I’m there with you! I am so glad you and Mary are having such a wonderful time. While you are shopping, remember I have a bday coming up and my favorite color is turquiose!

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