I Have a Theory:

There are two types of people: EXPLORERS and SETTLERS……..

I am clearly an explorer and my latest expedition is my blog theme:


 What is a global classroom?

A global classroom is my summer career extension where I travel to developing countries and support teachers and students through staff development, modeling lessons, and working individually with struggling students. I have trained teachers in their classrooms in Zimbabwe (summer 2011) and India (summer 2012) and will be in Thailand this summer (2013).

Why did I start this initiative?

Well, I can sum it up in 3 Ts:

Teaching, Traveling, and Thanking God for my blessings


 Teaching has been my profession for twenty-seven years. I’ve taught most grades in public, private and international schools- I am a passionate teacher who believes I can make a difference by encouraging students to excel by understanding their learning style and academic gifts.

Traveling has been in my blood since my parents moved to England and dragged their six children with them! We were exposed to the rich cultures of Europe and learned to adapt to a new lifestyle. Since then I have taught school in Japan; received a Fulbright Grant to study in Israel and Egypt; trained teachers in Zimbabwe and India; and toured the world from Morocco to Peru.

Finally, I am Thankful that my spiritual gifts have been revealed, and I’ve been led to make an impact on teachers and students around the world.

I envision a partnership with an organization ( or a self- started foundation) that supports teachers in the developing world by sending like-minded and experienced teachers to“global classrooms” to join forces to make an impact on schools and classrooms.


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